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In India, Agriculture plays an important role in providing various goods such as vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. Farmers have been producing crops in the fields day and night. for producing these products. Now days, the production of the crops in the yields are reducing year by year. This is mainly due to industrialization effects, and using of harmful pesticides and chemicals, lack of water and insufficient water system in the fields, etc. are several factors on the less production of the yields in agriculture. So, our plan is to implement the Wireless sensor networks technology which plays an important role in the smart agriculture. The main aim of the article is about importance of wireless sensor networks in agriculture. The end of the relinquishment of WSNs in PA is to measure the different environmental parameters similar as moisture, temperature, soil humidity, PH value of soil etc., for enhancing the volume and quality of crops. Further, the WSNs are also helped to reduce the consumptions of the natural coffee is used in husbandry. As we have already mentioned about the Smart Agriculture and WSN, in this article we have to know about how the WSN is used and related important role in Smart Agriculture and various technologies used ,what are the difficulties and challenges has to face while using these technologies, various factors played on the Smart Agriculture has been discussed in future.