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Document Type : Original Article


1 School of Economics and Management, China Three Gorges University, China.

2 Operations and Information Management Group, Aston Business School, Aston University, Birmingham B4 7ET, United Kingdom.



Cloud computing's popularity has surged over the past decade, attributed to its capacity to offer cost-effective and adaptable services to both individuals and businesses. Its primary advantage lies in granting users access to on-demand computing resources without necessitating an initial capital investment [1]. However, as the cloud's user and application numbers grow, the necessity for efficient load balancing algorithms becomes apparent. These algorithms are vital for optimizing resource utilization and maintaining high system availability. This study introduces a novel load balancing algorithm tailored for cloud computing applications. This algorithm excels at managing multiple requests efficiently and effectively [2]. Its objective is to equitably distribute workload across available cloud resources, all the while factoring in resource utilization and response time.